Social Media Optimization


SMO is a process of optimizing a website according to social networking websites, for generating promotion to social media, online community, and community website.

Our Social Media Products/Services available on Facebook.

Social Media Management

We will manage all social media account i.e, facebook page, twitter account, Instagram account, google plus page and linked in company page for one month in $100
And also on the weekend if you buy the weekend addon for $20.

This product is for one month. we will do the followings

1. We will design posts. (Combination of article and visual image so that more followers will get attracted to the profile)
2. We will do the posting on every social media profile for regular five days.
3. We will customize the profiles if required.
4. We will provide the first report before I start the work and second report after the finish of my work. (So that you can calculate the result)

We can provide you these services for the long term.

Also, You can this product for $20 for 5 days trial.

Feel free to ask any social media or search engine optimization and marketing query.

Cost: $100 + 5% tax

100 Pictures for Social Media Posting

** Are you looking for a Creative & Engaging Visual Content for all of your Social Media profiles, pages, or website?

# We can provide 100 relevant pictures with quotes or visual related to your business.
# We will put your logo on these pictures.

You can use them for your regular social media posting.
As it has become very important to post and share on social media on regular basis to attract more visitors and retain the existing visitors.

These images are social media optimized that means can be shared on facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms without any resizing.

Don’t miss out on such an economical, effective, and proven way to get and engage the audience.

Cost: $20 + 5% tax